CEO Address

  • CEO

    Looking at the past, DELI was established during the time of reform, opening its doors at Shandong’s prime location. With a reliable team of remarkable people, DELI has become a global leader in the industry.

    Looking ahead, we seek to progress forward, continually transforming and enhancing our company; that is our mission, our calling.

    DELI will build the core of the business on a complete upgrade and transformation on the main products that we produce. We adhere to the motto that “science and technological innovation will always be the center of an enterprise development.” Adhering to the motto, we constantly strive to improve our business, making ourselves stronger by adjusting our products to be more precise and specialized. To do this, we value excellent human capital talent as our number one resource, and marketing as our top priority for the company’s image. There are five elements of the market that we seek to become the leaders in: enterprise scale, technological innovation, brand influence, market share, and profitability. By strengthening our hold on the existing industries, DELI can accelerate our bettering alliance with some of our most valuable partners in the central and state-owned enterprises, and international high-end corporations, to actively promote high quality equipment and the new energy industry.

    In addition, DELI have transformed and upgrade our capital based on the current global views. We will take full advantage of the company’s capital market platforms, vigorously implementing the strategies going out. On one hand, we could be tolerant to diversity and the inclusion of different cultures, actively introducing multi-national organizations, to learn their advanced technologies and management strategies. On the other hand, we could use our global resources in order to help our transition from a management internationalization to a capital internationalization.

    Behind DELI’s every little progress, every bit of achievement, every step forward, is supported by the love from our clients, as well as the care and leadership shown by DELI people. As the journey continues, we look forward to working with our friends to create a better future and to shoulder the mission and responsibilities entrusted to us. These responsibilities include: to provide high quality products, to improve our employees’ quality of life, to promote the industry progress, to accept social responsibility, to provide a high return of investment for shareholders, and to realize the sustainability development of the enterprises.