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    Shandong Deli Group Co., LTD.-Deli Aluminium, belongs to Shandong Deli Group Co., LTD, is a diversified multi-development enterprise. The company was founded in 1981 in Zouping,Shandong, After more than 30 years of development, the company grows fast and steadily,developing from oli production plant into a diversified multi-development group.The company business includes oil and cotton production, textile production,aluminium production,loan and financial guarantee,import-export business. Looking back our history of our development,we are more than proud!

    Shandong Deli Group Co., LTD has branches:

    Production Plants

    Aluminium Production
    (Deli Aluminium)

    Coil Production Base             
    Foil Production Base

    Olil&Cotton production

    Zouping Shunfa Cottonseed Meal (Feed) Co., Ltd.
    Wudi Cottonseed Plant

    Capital Operating Branches

    Metal Trading Company

    Zouping Xinye Metal Purchase & Sale Co., Ltd

    Financial Guarantee Company

    Zouping Liangzou Penny Load Co., Ltd
    Zouping Deli Guarantee Co., Ltd

    Why choose Deli Aluminium:

    1. Giant Equipment installation

    Aluminium production is the most highlighted project in the group development,our installation:


    Available Lines

    Lines to be operated

    Lines to be installed

    Aluminium Casting Machine(CC)




    Aluminium Foil Rolling Machine




    Capability Conclusion

    Ranks firstly in aluminium rolling industry


  • 2.Scientific management and personnel
    Guided by the standard corporate governance structure and perfect modern enterprise system, we have formed high-level technology team and dedicated sales team. Now there are more than 1000 employees in our company, and 45% of them are junior and senior technologist and management personnel.
    3. Years’ experiences in aluminum processing
    With years’ experiences in aluminum processing,especially aluminium foilstock processing, the company has gathered the most excellent talents in the industry. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who are well versed with the manufacturing processes, thermal, mechanical or chemical means, and mechanical properties of aluminum foil. Also, our dedicated marketing team knows the supply and demand of the market very well. Professional management team makes sure every business of our company is operated smoothly and wonderfully. In addition, our marketing department could provide us the right competitive information, extensively or intensively,ranging from our rivals, products, present or potential clients to downstream products and upstream products, which helps us understand the market trends and forecasts fully, provide us business opportunities, thereby support strategic decision-making.
    Our company takes “sincere, pragmatic, efficient, and responsibility” as our corporate value, and stick to the management system "take person the fundamentalism”,“innovation, service and win-win”. Taking service as the core, we dedicated to providing all kinds of aluminum foil and processing and technology service to aluminum processing industry and ultimate clients.We believe the key facts and figures above have shown our distinct competitive advantage in the industry. We not only meet your expectations, but also exceed them!